AntLab Fusion Nest™ Size 3 Dark Edition

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AntLab Fusion Nest™ Size 3 Dark Edition –  130mm x 97mm x 30mm

Introducing our latest innovation, the AntLab Fusion Nests™. After extensive development and prototyping we are now able to offer, we think our best range of nests ever! Our Fusion Nests™ offer unmatched long-lasting hydration in a beautiful compact design which is both escape and chew resistant.


– Dark edition, filtering out light from the sides of the nest, suitable for more light sensitive species.

– All new intrinsic Ytong Intrinsic hydration system for high levels of moisture retention and higher sustained humidity levels than conventional acrylic nests

– Natural chamber design in a sleek and lightweight form factor

– Secure construction meaning you can keep small species inside with no worry of chewing

– Equipped with our proprietary MagPort™ magnetic connection system for maximum customisability

– Translucent red & opaque black covers included, at no additional cost!


White, Black


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