AntLab Leafcutter GroPods™ Set


3x AntLab GroPods™ for Leaf Cutter Ants

This set includes 3x GroPods™ a choice of base substrate, end caps & connecting tubing.

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AntLab Leafcutter HT GroPod™ + HydroTherm™ Heating


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AntLab HydroTherm™ Upgrade Kit

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3x AntLab GroPods™ for Leaf Cutter Ants – 200mm x 250mm

We manufacture housing specific to leafcutter ants and our range is built around a highly aesthetic cylindrical design. Keeping leafcutter ants allows you to witness a superorganism at work and because of this we created a design which allows 100% undisturbed viewing of a colony at work.

The GroPods™ provide a large nesting capacity for leafcutter ants. Fungus gardens grow fairly fast and thus this needs to be accommodated for. We offer our latest Series IV GroPods™ which individually measure 250mm x 250mm, with a volumetric capacity of almost 8 litres! The GroPods™ System is totally modular, and this means that you can expand your system very easily. Our crystal-clear system relies upon straightforward friction fit connectors and additional modules can be added as required.

This is the ULTIMATE housing solution for Leaf Cutter Ants, combining a highly practical design, with a beautiful view of your ants.

The 4th Generation GroPods™ can be upgraded with our special heating and humidification system, you can purchase a separate HT Upgrade Kit here.


– Solid construction, manufactured with high quality, crystal clear acrylic

– Each GroPod measures 200mm x 250mm, giving you a massive nesting volume

– Designed with 40mm OD, 34mm ID solid acrylic tubing, purchase adaptors here.

– Removable anti-escape rim for application of anti-escape liquid

– Cylindrical design, allowing equal heat and humidity distribution

– Option between 2 secure fit lids; closed lid for higher humidity or vented lid with 0.35mm ventilation holes

– Totally modular, you can take the entire unit apart for cleaning and add on extra units as needed!

This range has been specifically designed for housing Leaf Cutter Ants. Featuring endless options for expansion using the simple push fit tubing and accessories. All in a stylish and practical design which allows 100% undisturbed viewing of the ants. The unit can be taken apart with ease and cleaned with warm soapy water for re-use.

Lid Option

Closed Lid, Ventilated Lid


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