AntLab Ytong Nest Size 2

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Choose your MagPort colour carefully, remember opposite colours attract, same colours will repel!

Includes a push-fit connector for clear flexible tubing 13mm OD, 10mm ID

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AntLab Ytong Nest Generation V Size 2 – 170mm x 130mm x 33mm

Our most advanced design yet! The AntLab 5th Generation Ytong Nests are designed for the ultimate Ant Keeping experience. Meticulously designed and further built upon from the success of Series IV, our 5th Gen Ytong Nests really stand out!

Suitable for a small colony, with space for approximately 250 worker ants.

A great choice for Camponotus, Lasius, Messor or Formica species!


– NEW Larger nesting capacity, for even more value for money

– NEW Stylish and practical design, maintaining a great view of your ants

– NEW optional standoffs for heat cable support making it easier than ever to provide warmth to your ants

– Deep 14mm chambers to accommodate both large & small species, and large brood piles

– Special sealed exterior for excellent moisture retention

– Our latest MagPort™ technology, making nest customisation and expansion a breeze

– Removable Clear Acrylic Cover, the nest can be cleaned and re-used!

– Translucent Red Acrylic Overlay, to make your nest dark whilst maintaining view of your ants

Generation V

This is our 5th generation of Ytong nests and they come a long way since our first iteration. New for the 5th Gen Ytong Nests is the new form factor, enhanced nesting space, support for both heat cables & mats, and better hydration.

– 13% thinner, meaning less weight, sleeker form & reduced postage costs

– All new nest layout with 2, 6 & 8 chambers, making it easier to choose the right size nest for your colony

– Optional nest standoffs supplied, to screw into the base, allowing heat cables/heat mats to be placed underneath without direct contact, preventing nest overheating

– Larger capacity hydration chambers, sponges removed – no more mouldy sponges! Water drawn into the nest by both capillary action & absorption through the Ytong itself


Our Ytong Nests feature extra-deep chambers (14mm) as standard, allowing ants, large or small to fit, removing the uncertainty over which depth nest to purchase. The hydration chambers are situated on the top end of the nests, allowing for a humidity gradient to form. The ants are given the ability to effectively select where to place their brood for optimal growth. You can adjust humidity precisely by selectively hydrating the chambers as required.

We have eliminated the issue of North and South Pole Magnet confusion by introducing black and white MagPorts. All you need to remember is that opposite colours attract!


Why choose Ytong?

Ytong is a great nesting medium for ants, and our nests are manufactured with high precision CNC machinery. It has desirable insulating properties and is very porous. This means that nest will physically absorb water and higher humidity levels can be achieved inside a Ytong nest than conventional acrylic nests. The large surface area of Ytong nests means that larvae are able to anchor themselves and spin their cocoons with less chance of failure.

Our Ytong nests are treated in order to achieve a moisture seal around the exterior of the nest. This means the rate of water evaporation is greatly reduced and our Ytong nests are able to retain significantly higher humidity for long periods of time. You are able to keep moisture loving species in our Ytong nests easily. We recommend hydrating our Ytong nests roughly once every 5-7 days, however this does depend on the species and will vary for ants which require a dryer environment and those moisture loving species.

Another excellent feature of Ytong is naturally mould resistant meaning that you are able to keep moisture loving ants inside without the fear of mould outbreaks. This property is one which is unique to Ytong, unlike soil and plaster nests, and is what makes it such a great nesting medium for ants.

Our Ytong nests are also heat treated to kill any bacteria that may be living in the Ytong and also washed to remove all dust, which can be potentially harmful to ants if not removed after carving. We utilise precision CNC technology to manufacture our Ytong nests and superior finishing techniques to ensure you receive a fantastic product which is perfect for your ants.

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Why choose AntLab?

Our products are designed and manufactured right here in the UK, using the latest cutting-edge technology. Our materials are sourced from within the UK and we support other local businesses. By purchasing from us, you are supporting original designs and high-quality British manufacture.

We have been keeping ants for over 7 years, so it’s safe to say we know our stuff about ants. Having kept numerous ant species from all around the world, we are experienced in the requirements of ants and understand their needs. Our products are well-thought out and designed to enhance the Ant Keeping experience. We also test our products prior to sale to ensure they are safe, functional and effective in their purpose. Though our products are often imitated, they are never duplicated. Our strict quality control measures ensure you receive a fantastic product.



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7 reviews for AntLab Ytong Nest Size 2

  1. Fred Metson

    Fantastic product, with speedy service! Highly recommended.

  2. chris smith

    I bought this nest for my small colony of C. nicobarensis, i have to say im very impressed with the build quality its far superior to ytong nests ive owned in the past. LC ants have really thought of everything from how easy it is to connect to other nests to the interchangeable sponges with their own cover which can be removed. The addition of a clear red cover which can be removed is also a nice touch and ensures your ants stay in the dark while still being visible.

    All in all it is a stylish , well made, and very ergonomic, highly recommended

  3. Kris

    Ordered and delivered much earlier than expected the build quality is top notch great quality and great value for money il certainly be getting more

  4. John Lexber Louise Ramos

    Amazing new design of the LC ants ytong nest size 2! You get your money’s worth with LC ants ytong nest series! Fast and secured delivery!

  5. Peter

    Very well made and very good quality. Great communication from the seller also. Highly recommend

  6. Liam (verified owner)

    Well packaged and a great product, really well made and solid construction.

  7. TheAntLady (verified owner)

    These nests are far superior to ANY I have seen available, the build quality is absolutely insane. Smooth edges , connectors are flush , feet to raise the nest for heat cables and great hydration. I will not go ANYWHERE else after buying this from AntLab. Production is fast and customer service outstanding. This is how every shop should be run in my opinion, absolutely superb so Thankyou 🙂

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