Camponotus thoracicus

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Camponotus thoracicus Queen Ant With Brood

Latin Name: Camponotus thoracicus

Common Name: African Sugar Ant

Distribution: Africa, Greece

Foundation:Fully Claustral

Morphology: Polymorph (Single Size)

Colony form: Monogyne (Single Queen)

Appearance of the Queen: 18-20mm long, Dark brown/Black with orange thorax and legs

Appearance of the Workers: 7-14mm long, Dark brown/Black with orange thorax and legs

Difficulty rating (1 Easy – 2 Intermediate – 3 Expert):1 (Hardy and easy to rear)

Temperature: Nest (24°C – 28°C), Arena (18°C – 28°C)

Humidity: Nest (50% – 60%), Arena (30% – 60%)

Hibernation: Short diapause

Feeding: Insect protein, sugar water, honey water

Nest forms: Ytong, Acrylic, Natural Soil


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