Release of AntLab Ytong Pro

Our much anticipated Ytong Pro range is now available to order. Introducing the new range of nests from AntLab, built upon the success and design of the AntLab Fusion Nests.

The introduction of AntLab Fusion nests in 2020 was the beginning of the next generation of products from AntLab. We worked upon the feedback received from our Series V Ytong nests and the Fusion nests, and developed a innovative new product range which retains the style, function and appearance of classic Ytong nests, but greatly improves upon moisture retention, durability and versatility.

The Ytong Pro range features a reliable under-nest hydration system which not only allows an escape & chew proof method of hydrating, but also features a reservoir to allow a greater level of moisture retention. Coupled with the new SprialPort™ connection system, the AntLab Ytong Pro range allows maximum customisability in a secure and reliable form.


– Fully encased, chew and escape resistant

– Deep 17mm chambers, suitable for Carebara to Myrmecia

– Under-nest hydration with excellent humidity retention, whilst including adequate ventilation

– Equipped with our new SpiralPorts™ connection system, allowing for connection versatility

– Solid Black & Translucent Red Covers included!

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