The AntLab HydroTherm™ System

Long has it been difficult to keep leafcutter ants; maintaining a constant environment for the delicate fungus gardens has proven difficult for even the best Ant Keepers. To overcome this we have designed and produced the world’s first formicarium specifically for leafcutter ants with built-in heating and humidification.

How does it work?

In the heart of the system lies the HT™ Insert which simply slides into our GroPods™. A low power water heater is used to heat water in the HT Insert which provides heat to the GroPod™. The water then evaporates and the warm humid air exits the HT Insert through the fine slots and enters the GroPod™ body. The special slots are extremely fine to prevent any ants from entering the insert.

The water heater is just 25W with a built-in adjustable thermostat which means you can fine tune the temperature for maximum accuracy. What’s really great with our system is that you can mix and match any unit from our leafcutter formicaria and customise with endless possibilities. If you are new to keeping leaf cutters and are worried about maintaining the right conditions, then look no further, the AntLab HT GroPods™ System is your one stop solution. Maintenance only involves topping up the HT Insert every week or so, depending on external temperatures and humidity.

AntLab GroPod with HT Insert.


The HT Insert with water heater


HT Insert Cover, lift to add water
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